No Perfection

Too often, I get bogged down in blogging perfection. Why wait to craft the perfect words when just a simple conversation with you will do?

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Stories to Share

As we ended the four-month launch of The Heart Healer, we filled our days with holiday activities, the wedding of our daughter, Heather, and like

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The Heart Healer

On July 25, 2017, The Heart Healer: God’s Response to Personal Prayer in a Hurting World, was finally released! The journey from conception to publication

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Writers are notoriously insecure, as they sit alone in their favorite meditative  spot and weave their words for others to read. We wonder if, after

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The last few days, I’ve thought a lot about various quotations and scriptures regarding thankfulness. Terry and I have so much to be thankful for.

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What’s His Story?

I’m all about stories, and everyone has one. My daughter snatched me away from Los Angeles and treated me to a luxurious vacation in Playa

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