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When You Don’t Have the Words

As I listen to the Santa Ana winds blow outside my office window in Los Angeles, I’m reminded of God’s remarkable creation. Yet, with all He has going on, because He is God, He is able to simultaneously pause to listen and respond when His people pray.

Recently, I received this message from a young mother in Montana:

“I’d been feeling really depressed for a while. It was so strange because overall, this is the best place I’ve been in since graduating college, but I’ve had a lot of trouble processing [my recent] miscarriage. Friday night, I realized I was feeling so much better. I tried to think why the last couple days had been different. Then I remembered that while I was reading snitches of The Heart Healer, I put my hand on my heart and just focused on God because I didn’t even have the words. Thank you for that book.”


For the mountains may move
    and the hills disappear,
but even then my faithful love for you will remain.
    My covenant of blessing will never be broken,”
    says the Lord, who has mercy on you. (Isaiah 54:10 NLT)