If not now, when?

Relationship Reality provides solutions. We don’t just tell you about it. We help you understand yourself and others, how you were uniquely created, and the influence of soul-wrenching experiences from which you think you’ll never recover. Improved relationships start with you.

We provide the information. You provide the action.

What we do

Relationship Reality

Understand People

• God’s Design and Life’s Influences
• Personality Assessment

Get past your past

• Emotional Needs
• Heart Healing

Change Relationships

• Integrating Relationships
• Action Plan

How to begin


Self-paced courses with videos and downloadable worksheets


A monthly communication stream including coaching, downloads, and special speakers


One to two day events on-site or online (schedule varies)

Choose the perfect plan


HEALING from the pain of your past
STARTING FRESH with your relationships




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Topics vary

More to come!



12 Week Access

Our clients say

I’ve been called antisocial, stuck up and too quiet most of my life. Many people used to anger me by asking, “Are you okay?” This caused me great sorrow in the past. When I got saved I learned to love myself and utilize my strengths, but now I understand the perceptions people had about me, thanks to this class. And I see how I have done the same to others with different personality types, especially those I love.                 – Carmen M.

I received reconciliation and peace with who God made me to be. I have a better understanding of those close to me, my personal relationships and more importantly, myself.

-James R.

It’s given me insight into other people as to why they say and act certain ways. I need to not be so critical of them, knowing they’re not always wrong but different from me.

-Nilah R.

This was my first look at the personalities through a Christian lens. That gave the information much more value.  


The material was clear, easy to understand, color coded, not too overwhelming.
-Pat J.

I learned how unique and intricately complex we each are and how we can take this knowledge and respect each other’s differences – even celebrate them! I loved the materials we received, too. The prayer at the end of the series was wonderful!
-ElizaMae T.


It’s easier to love when you know why people act the way they do.

The class helped me organize my life and what God was calling me to rather than what I was trying to be or learned to be.

The relatability was great, along with the stories, the illustrations and the books! The lessons were quick yet thorough and I appreciate that there was a level of authenticity I got to experience from y’all. I knew what I was getting was real and true.

– Evelyn


This class is amazing! I learned about different personalities and it’s really helped me with relationships in my life. Also, I learned and healed my heart.

The whole class was my favorite. So happy I took this class. It’s helped me with relationships in my life that were really suffering. So learning about personalities and healing repaired relationships in my life that I thought were unfixable.
-Ashley M.


A favorite aspect was seeing who I am and seeing who my wife is. Explains a lot and will help a lot fitting together.
-Tom B.


The best part was filling out the master plan worksheet. It truly showed me that I really didn’t know what the people closest to me needed. The stories helped make everything clear to me.
-Abigail C.


If you ever have the chance or opportunity to really explore and see how God created you to be, this is definitely the class to take. Be honest, and be willing or at least open to the idea that everything people tell you may not be true, but God is.

-Zechariah R. 

About Cyndy:

Hi, I’m Cyndy Bartelli, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. My passion is to inspire change in personal relationships with a faith-based approach and through true stories. Relationship Reality combines my 30+ years of experience in personality training and prayer ministry to help you understand and value yourself and others.


My prayer is that God will touch your life in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Frequently asked questions

Relationship Reality is for anyone! We’ve had students of both genders and all ages from twelve and up. 

During each class, a variety of groups are addressed.  


For Relationship Renovators (our member group), in addition to the weekly studies, we have a group-specific online session once a month for Couples, Parents, Friends and Co-Workers. Once registered, you’ll receive information about the schedule for each group, but you are welcome to attend all sessions for all groups. 

Our goal is to help Relationship Renovators sustain improved relationships, so the program is ongoing. Attendees of previous limited series said they wanted more classes and coaching! This membership is our response to that request.


You may cancel your membership at any time, but during the fourth month, members will receive free access to any courses we have available.

We offer a fresh approach to a timeless teaching. It’s faith-based and uncomplicated with an action plan that prepares you to live out what you’ve learned.