Harmony in the Household

Cyndy Bartelli

My life changed when I learned about the four basic personalities almost 40 years ago. Since then, I’ve lived it, taught it and encouraged understanding it because of the impact on families and on other important relationships.

Now, I’m launching an updated program incorporating an understanding of our personalities WITH heart healing. Who of us hasn’t wounded another with thoughts that they should be more like us? Why doesn’t he talk more (or less)? Why doesn’t she organize more (or less)? Why doesn’t he work more (or less)?

I am passionate about inspiring people to live in good emotional health enveloped by harmonious relationships. Do words like “harmony” “unity” “happiness” and “peace” appeal to you for your life? If so,  join me at the “Relationship Reality” workshop I’m hosting in San Antonio on October 13th and see your relationships transformed!

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