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High School and Hearts

What do high school and hearts have in common? I can think of a lot of things, but today I’m writing about a high school friend who happens to be a blogger, too. Nancy Carmack has been blogging far longer than I have and always has interesting things to share on a variety of topics. It’s easy to see that when she writes, she does so from her own heart. Nancy recently read The Heart Healer and posted about it on her blog “Nancy’s Nook.”

 “I have a new favorite book!

                                                                                 It is …

     One of the tremendous blessings since publishing The Heart Healer has been reconnecting with people from my past. Nancy White Carmack is one of those people. From a time when one-year separations in grade caused big gaps in school relationships, we both knew and remembered each other well. In fact, I haven’t forgotten that Nancy’s mother was my 8th grade English teacher who provided my first recalled exposure to formal literature.
     Thank you, Nancy, for your encouragement and your amazing endorsement; and thanks to your mother, Mrs. White, for my first inspiration to write!