Even now, I appreciate the consistency and steady routine my mother raised us with. On summer days we knew that  rest time came after lunch, as we avoided the hot Texas sun. Saturdays were dedicated to shoe shining and pin curls in my hair to prepare for church the next day. In all of her years, we could practically set our clocks by her schedule.

     We were opposites in personality. I charged hard through my days and frequently implemented changes in business and personal life. Then, came her diagnosis. Lung cancer.

     I immediately planned to spring into action — to problem-solve and fix things — to DO for her instead of being PRESENT for her. I was ready to control her days instead of simply serving.  Soon I realized, I was meeting my needs and not hers.

     In Mom’s last year, we sat together through episodes of her same TV shows every afternoon. Dinner was always preferred at 5:00 p.m. Conversation wasn’t as important as honoring her life and showing her value with my time.

     There’s more to this story that I’ll tell another day, but I’ll say this. If I hadn’t known to adjust to her emotional needs instead of mine, I’d have missed amazing opportunities to bond with her and heal our relationship in important ways.

     Do you understand your mom’s personality? If not, these Mother’s Day videos offer insights on how to fill your mother’s emotional tank. Choose the video that best describes her and perhaps this Mother’s Day will be your most memorable yet!


If your mom is…

  • A Charming Chatterbox: Top Left Video
  • An In-Charge Implementer:  Top Right Video
  • A Quiet Peacemaker: Bottom Left Video
  • A Super-Organized Analyzer: Bottom Right Video