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Elementary Graduation

Guardians of Little Hearts

While attending our granddaughters’ graduation ceremonies this week, I was moved by parting words from their teachers. They reminded me of the unique opportunities teachers have to leave a legacy with the children so precious to us.


Often, I encouraged our youngest daughter, Reagan, about the impact of her words with her first-grade students. For eighteen years, she taught them, admonished them, nurtured them, wiped their tears, and cheered them on. She didn’t need my help, though. That’s the kind of teacher she was. Now, she is in a bigger world, reaching teachers across the country.

I imagine the scene with each of these teachers in their classrooms with the young hearts eager for attention and approval. These daily guardians of our little ones’ hearts work valiantly to be the best they can be, but exhaustion and stress can sometimes get the best of them. Let’s keep them in our prayers, asking the Lord to meet their every need, bolstering them with energy, wisdom, finances, and yes, their own heart healing. I’m sure they could use some serious rest this summer, too.

And, for our kiddos? Heartbreak can happen at an early age, can’t it? You may remember your school time wounds from words that hurt. If the pain is still there, the Lord will heal it in a moment. Just place your hand over your heart, ask Jesus to come to that place of pain, and replace the pain with peace. We can simply ask. He listens, and He profoundly responds. The result is a personal miracle moment.

He heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3 NIV

More information about heart healing may be found in
The Heart Healer; a book by Cyndy Bartelli.