Has the Holy Spirit been tapping you on the shoulder saying,

“It’s time to impact another life?”

Announcing our new coaching program for group study leaders of The Heart Healer!


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Author, Cyndy Bartelli, will personally assist you in

opening doors of

HOPE for those with heartache, stress and painful

memories holding them back.

Cyndy with Books

With online coaching, we’ll support you through your facilitation of The Heart Healer study.  As you facilitate, GOD – THE Heart Healer — will do the rest!

Who is this for?

    • Caring people who desire to help others heal
    • Life Coaches and Counselors
    • Church Study Group Leaders
    • Pastors and Lay Leaders
    • Youth Group Leaders
    • Altar Ministry Workers (additional training materials available)

What you’ll learn:

The purpose of The Heart Healer book and The Heart Healer Study Guide is to draw readers into a deeper relationship with God while He gently heals the effects of trauma, stress and heartache. His desire to have a personal relationship with each reader quickly becomes clear through true stories and associated scriptures. Soon, all will realize that one simple prayer to such a loving Lord really will silence the strains from a painful past.

The Hearts Together Network supports group leaders seeking encouragement, guidance and prayer covering as they support their own groups through The Heart Healer. Our semi-monthly meetings are live and open forum with Cyndy Bartelli in her much-loved AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything!).

We’ll equip you to help others:

          o Recognize that God’s love for them is genuine, personal, and powerful.

          o Pray for healing for each memory that triggers pain in their past.

          o Respond with immediate prayer when new trauma occurs.

Group Leader Heart

How to Participate in the Hearts Together Network

  1. Join the FREE Facebook group for the Hearts Together Network Christian Community. Once you are accepted, you’re invited to participate in open forum discussions to help you lead your own study groups.
  2. Then join the online encouragement community for the Hearts Together Network (HTN) with Cyndy Bartelli. You’ll receive:
  3. Discounted study materials for your entire group, plus
  4. Bonus materials for group leaders, and
  5. 2 monthly group coaching sessions with author, Cyndy Bartelli
  6. Prayer covering and encouragement
    *All Materials are available in either English or Spanish.
Cyndy Bartelli, author

“Last night, a member of my current online study group told me about her broken past – the things that led her to a place of suicide. When she heard about our online study of The Heart Healer she ‘paused’ her despair.


“It’s amazing how a flicker of hope can inspire people to join our groups. The Lord soon began to speak to her through scriptures and stories. I’ve watched this time and again with many others. This member’s smiles increased each week, and I heard her words about the phenomenal changes as God was touched her soul.

“Now, she says she can breathe again. The heavy feeling inside of her has gone and her relationships with herself and others are mending. God gets all of the glory for this! I hear her speak now of new plans and dreams of helping others. I see her ready to take the world on with new fire for her future with the Lord. What a marvelous journey!


“Would you like to lead a group, too? It’s an amazing thing to be the catalyst for healing in the hearts of others. I would love to show you an uncomplicated way to light their paths and see destinies altered. 


“If you have questions, read the FAQ’s below, or reach out to me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you and I pray that if God is nudging you in this direction, you will obey. Let’s do this together!”


What our group leaders and their participants are saying:


All materials are shipped by USPS Media Mail and will arrive within three weeks of the date of purchase (within the contiguous U.S.). Expedited shipping is available upon request.

No special credentials are needed. Attendance at the first two online coaching sessions is recommended. There we will encourage you, coach you, and pray with you. We do recommend that someone in spiritual authority over you (such as a pastor) endorses your class and supports you in prayer.

Absolutely! Customize your schedule as desired. Most group leaders have utilized a 9-10 week series, which includes an introductory meeting and eleven book chapters. Our Leader’s Guide offers sample schedules for your review.

Online coaching for Study Group Leaders will be held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. CT. These sessions are open to all participants in this Leadership Program.

Some of our most dramatic testimonies of heart healing have come from men who have read the book! Men and women of any age are invited to be a part of our program.

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