About My Summer

My run-in with COVID was unexpected (is it ever expected?), but I say very gratefully, the Lord brought me through it well. The lingering fatigue is fading and my brain fog is lifting! (I admit there’s a difference of opinion in my household about the brain fog lifting.)

Now, I’m taking time to appreciate our otherwise excellent summer. Followers love to hear true stories of God’s amazing work, so today, I’d like to tell you about Enrique and his wife. Though Colombian, they currently live in Chile, and attended a multi-national online class of The Heart Healer. I had the privilege of attending a couple of the group’s online classes. As we all met together, I was in awe again of God’s remarkable response to our prayers.

Cyndy with Online Group

Here are Enrique’s words:

     “When I explained what I was going through, I thought Cyndy would give me advice and tell me what to do. Instead, she did what we as Christians are supposed to do. She went straight to the point and said, ‘Let’s pray.’ This had been in my heart, that this is what we should be doing as Christians. I say this as a reminder for us to always be prepared to [pray together for God’s directions].  And God answered!

     “After this, we went to a big event on the border of Peru. We helped people based on the material in the book, especially on forgiveness. Even when we pray on [our phone app] or in places where there are many people doing other things like drinking, we know we are meant to pray in the midst of it.

     “Thank you for the book and what it has taught us. It is such a coincidence that I showed up for the last class where you were because I learned so much and now we are praying for others in so many ways.”

Enrique Jose Cabrera Ripoll, Colombia (referring to prayer for others in Chile and Peru)


All glory and honor to our Lord, God Almighty, who reaches across our world with His response to our prayers for healing and freedom!. It’s just toooo cool to get to share these adventures with you. 😊


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