Were there pivotal moments in your personal history that you didn’t recognize as particularly important until years later? My interview guest in this two-part series unexpectedly changed my life during a Friday night group study #*?! years ago. There, Pastor Doug Easterday, taught our group about our four basic personalities. We’re all born with one, and more often a blend of two, of these personalities which drive us to be introverts or extroverts. Some of us are people-oriented, and others more focused on tasks.     

     Shortly after that first exposure to this information, I attended a parenting seminar hosted by Doug and his ministry team. What an eye-opener! I quickly learned that understanding personalities didn’t just impact me. There was a reason my two little girls didn’t behave exactly as I did, and they didn’t have to, either!

     So began the adventure of a lifetime, as I studied and grew in my own understanding of relationships and what makes people different. After teaching on this topic for over 35 years, I remain grateful for that big moment many years ago when I learned that God created us each to be uniquely US.

     As Pastor Doug Easterday, of Father Heart of God Ministries, and I discuss these personalities and connect them to our relationships with our dads, you’ll likely have some light bulb moments. You may even dash out to Dad’s house to make this Father’s Day extra special for him.

     I invite you to listen in to each of these messages as we expose some interesting truths about the things that make your dad uniquely HIM.

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