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The Heart Healer

What if one simple prayer could silence the strain from a painful past?

When people don’t deal with emotional trauma, their past is still impacting their present in countless invisible ways. Unresolved painful memories influence their thoughts, motivations, actions, and health. The Heart Healer reveals a simple prayer that silences the effects of painful events in the past.

In this study, Cyndy Bartelli shares relatable stories of everyday people to reveal that when we pray, God really listens, and heals our hearts miraculously.

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El sanador de tu corazón

¿Qué pasaría si supieras que una sencilla oración podría eliminar el estrés de un pasado doloroso?

¿Sabías que el dolor del pasado afecta tu conducta en el presente? Sin embargo, Dios quiere reemplazar tu dolor con su paz.

En El sanador de tu corazón, Cyndy Bartelli comparte historias de personas comunes y corrientes con las cuales te puedes identificar, para revelarte que, cuando oras, Dios te escucha de verdad. Descubre cómo su amor puede ser más personal en tu vida diaria. Una sencilla oración te guiará a momentos extraordinarios que cambiarán cómo te sientes, piensas y actúas.

The Heart Healer Study Guide: A Personal Journal

Hope for the Broken Hearted

If I could join you with a cup of coffee at your kitchen table, or chat with you in your living room, I’d tell you some of the miraculous stories I have received from readers of The Heart Healer whose lives have changed because of a simple prayer to an extraordinary God.

Journey through this study in the privacy of your home or in a group setting. No matter where you will be, God will join you, and His tender love for you will become evident as He heals the wounded places in your heart.